Google has introduced new features for the Password Manager, including the ability to create a desktop shortcut.

Also, Google Password Manager now has a dedicated home in Chrome on the desktop which makes it easier for users to review their saved online credentials or change their password settings, the tech giant said in a blog post on Thursday.

Currently only available on mobile, biometric authentication is coming soon to desktop.

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“If you enable this feature, you can require an additional layer of security before Chrome auto-fills your password, like fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or other methods supported by your computer’s operating system,” it added.

Now, users can also add notes to the credentials they save in the Password Manager which will help them to keep all of their important login details in one place.

Also, it is now easier for users to upload their passwords from other password managers.

Users just have to export their passwords as a .csv file and import them directly into Chrome on the computer.

“In addition to flagging compromised passwords, Password Checkup on iOS will flag weak and reused passwords, too. Look out for this update in the coming months,” the tech giant said.

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