Elon Musk said he has entered a “chill mode” after removing bots on the micro-blogging platform.

When a user tweeted on Sunday that “a whole bunch of accounts of people who, as far as I know, generally don’t do anything but tweet memes and positivity is being suspended”, Musk replied: “Team was a bit too intense with spam/bot suspensions. Moving to chill mode.”

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Several users expressed their thoughts on Musk’s post.

While one user commented, “It is an honor to be called a bot by you. lol”, another said, “Chill mode: ON”.

Last week, Musk said that the micro-blogging platform had started “purging” a lot of spam and scam accounts, so the users might see a “count drop” in their followers.

Before the Twitter takeover, Musk had claimed in April this year that he would “defeat” the “spam bots” on the micro-blogging platform or “die trying”.

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