Instagram has announced a new feature, which will allow users to add up to five links to their profile bios.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday announced the new feature in a post on his Instagram channel, saying, “The feature has been a top request among creators”, reports The Verge.

With the new feature, users can now add links by editing their profile in the mobile app, where they can give them titles and reorder how they’ll appear.

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However, if a user adds more than one link to their profile, visitors will need to click through a message that says “(Your first link) and 1 other” to view the complete list of links, according to the report.

This means that if a user has more than one link to display on their Instagram profile or already utilizes a ‘Link in bio’ service like Linktree, folks will have to click an extra time to see their links.

Meanwhile, Instagram has announced new features on its short video-making app to empower creators.

The social network has added a dedicated destination for trending audio and hashtags, two new metrics to Reels insights, and brought gifts on Reels to more countries.

Creators will now be able to see what the top trending topics and hashtags are on Reels.

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