Popular YouTube sensation MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) has struck a deal with Prime Video to host a new reality competition series called Beast Games.

“I’m going to be filming the largest game show in history and releasing it on Prime Video!” MrBeast tweeted, promising over 1,000 contestants battling it out for a staggering $5 million prize. If that wasn’t enough, he tantalizingly hinted at setting “many other world records” with the show.

MrBeast is renowned for his extravagant YouTube videos, often featuring jaw-dropping contests and outlandish stunts. His channel boasts millions of subscribers, drawn by the promise of life-changing prizes and the sheer spectacle of his ideas.

This game show marks a major collaboration with Prime Video. The streaming platform is likely betting on MrBeast’s immense popularity to draw in a record-breaking audience. If anyone can pull off a truly massive production on a streaming platform, it’s definitely MrBeast.