Microsoft has announced that Teams’ new Collaborative notes feature is now available to everyone on the public preview channel.

The feature is designed to enhance the meeting experience in the video conferencing platform by simplifying the process of creating agendas and creating action items.

“We’re excited to announce the public preview of Collaborative notes, the new way to drive your work forward: collaborate on the agenda, take notes together, and track follow-up tasks. Collaborative notes eliminate the typical bottleneck of a single note-taker for capturing the agenda and notes and also make them visible to everyone, improving accuracy and inclusion at every stage of your meeting,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

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According to the company, Collaborative notes are Loop components, which stay in sync across all the places they have been shared like Outlook, Teams chat, the Loop app, Word for the web, and Whiteboard.

Users can share the Collaborative notes in a Teams chat or email to begin building an agenda together before a meeting, which will ensure that everyone is able to include their topics for review with the group regardless of their preferred Microsoft app.

All participants can add last-minute agenda items, co-edit meeting notes, and draft and assign tasks during the meeting.

Participants can also see who is working in the Collaborative notes at the top and can view who wrote each part by clicking on the text, the company said.

In addition, users can allow their team to update notes, check off tasks as they continue to work, and add new follow-up items from anywhere.