Tech giant Microsoft has reached a settlement of $14 million with the California Civil Rights Department (CRD) to resolve allegations of unfair treatment towards employees who took protected leave.

The CRD claimed Microsoft retaliated against workers in California who used parental leave, disability leave, and family care leave between 2017 and the present.

The settlement states that Microsoft will distribute a majority of the $14.4 million to impacted California employees who choose to participate. The company also agreed to:

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  • Hire an independent consultant: This consultant will ensure company policies are fair and don’t discriminate against employees taking leave. They’ll also make sure there are proper channels for employees to raise concerns.
  • Provide training: Managers and HR personnel will receive training to better understand employee leave rights and how to support staff taking protected time off.

While Microsoft hasn’t admitted wrongdoing in the settlement, the CRD Director, Kevin Kish, stated the settlement “will provide direct relief to impacted workers and safeguard against future discrimination at the company.”

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