Microsoft is no longer making new games for Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft’s game studio chief Matt Booty told Axios, “We’ve moved on to Gen 9,” referring to the current cycle of hardware.

Booty said that no internal teams are now working on games for the older generation consoles rather than the support for ongoing games like Minecraft.

He also pointed out that Xbox One Gen 8 users can play Gen 9 Microsoft games via the tech giant’s streaming cloud technology.

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“That’s how we’re going to maintain support,” Booty said.

In April this year, the company restricted users from running game emulations on the Xbox Series X and Series S.

Meanwhile, last month, the company introduced the Xbox Game Pass’s new Friend Referral program, which lets Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members give up to five friends a free 14-day PC Game Pass trial.

However, the invited friends must be new to Game Pass to redeem the free trial.

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