In the latest update to Skype, Microsoft has incorporated AI capabilities and enhanced translation features into the platform.

The updated version ( for Insiders) of Skype includes several new features as well as the usual reliability fixes.

Users can now access accurate, real-time weather conditions in their location directly from Skype on desktop platforms, and for more detailed information, they can click on the weather icon to open the comprehensive weather webpage.

The new update will let users differentiate a Skype-to-Skype call from a Skype-to-phone call.

“Enjoy clear differentiation between Skype-to-Skype and Skype-to-phone calls. Initiate Skype-to-Skype calls and create Skype links effortlessly within the Calls tab. The Phone tab provides easy access to your Skype Number, credit balance, available international call subscriptions, and Skype credit recharge options,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

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Moreover, the new update brings interactive Bing chat prompts to Skype.

Now tap any of the Bing chat prompts in the Bing 1:1 chat to dive into the Bing conversation and submit the chosen prompt.

The prompts are reshuffled randomly after each interaction and upon every Skype client startup, ensuring a varied experience each time. These are available on all platforms.

The new version also brings Bing toolbox to the platform.

“Find the Bing toolbox in the top right corner of the Bing 1:1 chat, offering examples on diverse Bing usage scenarios like education, social media, travel, creativity, entertainment, language, sports, technology, and more. The Bing toolbox is available on all platforms,” the company said.

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First-time users can now enjoy immediate access to Bing chats, with no waitlist holding them back.

The company also streamlined users’ Contacts tab, leading with Skype Contacts for ease of access, followed by the rest of your contacts. This change is available on all platforms.