Meta is reportedly teaming up with LG to release a future version of its high-end Quest Pro virtual reality headset in 2025 to compete with Apple Vision Pro.

The resulting headset is expected to cost around $2,000 and use LG displays as well as other components from LG subsidiaries such as LG Innotek, reports The Verge.

The news was first spotted by UploadVR.

The report also stated that Meta will release a low-end Quest headset in 2024 for under $200.

The new high-end headset will be called the “Meta Quest 4 Pro,” breaking Meta’s current practice of keeping the Quest and Quest Pro lineup numbers separate.

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The current Meta Quest Pro costs $999, so it is possible that both companies will invest in more powerful hardware to compete with Apple Vision Pro, the report mentioned.

At the same time, Meta will soon release the more affordable Meta Quest 3 for $499.

Meanwhile, Meta has rolled out a new update ‘v56’ for the Quest headsets, which includes improvements to hand tracking, live captions at the system level, livestreaming to Facebook, and more.

“This is your friendly reminder that our software updates roll out gradually. If you don’t see the v56 update yet, don’t panic. It’s on its way and should be in your virtual hands soon,” the company said in a blog post.

With the v56 update, the company rolled out Hand Tracking 2.2, which focuses on hands’ responsiveness, bringing the experience closer to controllers.

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