InfiniteWP is a web application which allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. You can download and install the application on your web server for free and use it to easily update all your WordPress sites, plugins, and themes from one single dashboard.

You can also create backups of any or all your websites. Apart from management tasks, you can also perform editorial tasks from the inifiniteWP dashboard, you can write posts, switch between websites and manage multiple websites from one master login.

InfiniteWP Features

1-Click Admin Access

All the management is brought under one roof with the help of InfiniteWP as you can keep on updating an unlimited number of sites and manage them all with just a few clicks and you’re done! Once you have integrated everything, then InfiniteWP gives you a complete bird’s eye view of all of your WordPress sites. You can get the site summary easily, and backup your site quickly by saving site-specific notes.

1-Click Updates

With this feature, you just need one click to update across all the multiple WordPress sites, instead of wasting your time on updating individual plugins and themes manually in each website separately.

Backup & Restore

You can get an easy-to-use reliable WordPress backup solution for free by click on the “Backup Now” button and select the components that you want to backup. You need not worry about losing your data ever again. You can backup multiple WordPress sites from a single admin panel and restore your WordPress site in just one single click.

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Install, Migrate & Stage WordPress

The InfiniteWP is a WordPress management tool, which means that you can install the WordPress on your own hosting server.

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Malware Scanning

Safe-guard your websites from hackers and malware.

Uptime Monitor

You can select different parameters to monitor your site ranging from basic parameters like ping-to-check, keyword trigger or by setting advanced parameter such port access. InfiniteWP will send a notification mail directly to your inbox with the reason why your site went down. It will also send a mail when the site is up again.


With InfiniteWP, you can choose your own plan and buy just the addons you need or get one that suites to access all the addons. It is not important whether you are a freelancer or run an agency. The plans are discussed below:

The free version, that costs you nothing and provides you unlimited site access and all the add-ons, with 1 to 4 days’ email support.

Starter version, that costs you $147 and provides you 1 to 10 sites per year with all the addons and 1 to 3-day email support.

Developer version, that costs you $247 and provides you 11 to 20 sites per year, with 1 to 2-day email support.

Freelancer version, that costs you $347 and provides you with 21 to 50 sites per year, with 1-day email support.

Agency version, that costs you $447 and provides you with unlimited sites with priority email support. This version is the recommended version.

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Enterprise version, that costs you $647 and provides you with unlimited sites per year along with priority email support.

Lifetime version, that costs you $1497 only and provides you unlimited sites for a lifetime and one- time payment option.

If you’re ready to try out InfiniteWP, rest assured that it’s a very stable system and development is proceeding at a rapid pace on it, with 3 more addon modules currently in the works. The InfiniteWP Client, used to link websites to your administration panel, has already been downloaded more than 300,000+ times.

The basic self-hosted download is free, so there’s nothing to lose, We highly recommend this plugin and we are enjoying it for managing our different websites.