LockBit, a notorious ransomware group, has leaked gigabytes of stolen data from Boeing, putting the company’s customers and suppliers at risk.

The leaked data includes sensitive information such as customer lists, supplier contact information, and technical documents.

The ransomware actor posted Boeing on their site on October 27 and gave the company a November 2nd deadline to contact them and engage in negotiations.

The hackers said at the time they had stolen “a tremendous amount of sensitive data” and were ready to publish it.

source: BleepingComputer

When the company continued to be silent, the LockBit ransomware gang decided to show that they had a bargaining chip and threatened to publish “just around 4GB of sample data (most recent).”

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The hackers also threatened that they would publish the databases “if we do not see a positive cooperation from Boeing.”

On November 10, LockBit released on their site all the data they had from Boeing. Among the files are configuration backups for IT management software, and logs for monitoring and auditing tools.

The leaked data could be used by criminals to commit fraud, identity theft, and other crimes. It is important for Boeing’s customers and suppliers to be aware of the leak and to take steps to protect their data.

(via BleepingComputer)

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