The LockBit ransomware gang has released a free decryptor for the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

As first noted by threat intelligence researcher Dominic Alvieri, two days after SickKids’ latest announcement, the LockBit ransomware gang apologized for the attack on the hospital and released a decryptor for free.

“We formally apologize for the attack on and give back the decryptor for free, the partner who attacked this hospital violated our rules, is blocked, and is no longer in our affiliate program,” stated the ransomware gang.

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While the ransomware operation allows its affiliates to encrypt pharmaceutical companies, dentists, and plastic surgeons, it prohibits its affiliates from encrypting “medical institutions” where attacks could lead to death.

What is LockBit Ransomware?

LockBit is a type of ransomware that encrypts the files on a victim’s computer, making them inaccessible until the victim pays a ransom to the attackers to restore access.

Ransomware attacks often involve the attackers demanding payment in the form of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, in order to restore access to the victim’s files. LockBit is known to be a particularly destructive and sophisticated ransomware variant, and it has been used in attacks against a wide range of organizations, including hospitals, schools, and government agencies.

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