LG Display has reportedly shared a proposal to LG Electronics to launch a new 55-inch OLED TV with a transparent display panel.

According to TheElec, the TV would come under the brand’s Home Entertainment Company. The display will be fixed on the TV like a traditional TV, unlike the company’s rollable OLED TV or smart bed that had a screen panel that could be pulled out.

LG Electronics has already made transparent OLED products. However, these models are only for enterprises rather than consumers.

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As per the report, the development for LG’s transparent OLED TV will likely begin during the second half of this year. On the other hand, the official launch could be set sometime in 2023.

Last month LG unveiled its 2022 TV lineup that includes the world’s biggest OLED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The company also said it will expand the new OLED Evo lineup to 11 models of different sizes, compared with three models last year, to better meet customer needs.

LG also welcomed the possibility that Samsung Electronics could re-enter the OLED market this year after a decade-long hiatus.

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