Whenever we think about social networks then Facebook comes into our mind first. There are more than 2.13 billion active users in the world that uses Facebook every day. Along with the rise of privacy and security concerns, we should be aware what are we sharing in the social networks, who can see us? Where we have been logged in? What is our privacy level and so on. Here, Abijita Foundation will share you some great tips for your security concerns. Make sure to maintain Security Check up on your daily basis to avoid unsolicited security issues.

Have You Enabled 2FA (Second Factor Authentication)

Second factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security that Facebook offer us to make our account more secure. Everyone should enable this service. Suppose someone got you password and if you have enabled 2FA then he/she can’t log into your account. Because they need another code and that can only be access from you Email or Mobile.

Check Where You Have Logged In?

We can check our previous session where we have logged in into our account. Facebook gives us ability to see the location, session duration and device that we have used to logged in. If you encounter some unknown device as well as unknown location then we should change our password instantly. And we should end all the session after that.

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Changing your Password Every 3 Months

Changing you Facebook password gives you extra layer of security. You should be changing your password every 3 months.  According to Abijita Foundation, Facebook users do not change their password until they encounter some security issue on their account. Changing a password every 3 months increase the security of your account.

Remove  Unwanted Apps

You might be unaware of this. Have you ever check how many apps that you have allow permission to use your Facebook account? And do you have idea what permission you gave them?  This one is quite serious. Facebook app can perform many activities on behalf of you. Then can read your messages, send  anyone a friend request, access your contact list, relationship status and so on. It depends upon the permission. So removing unwanted apps can make your account more secure.

Code Generator

Code generator is especially for Android and IOS devices. This feature allows us to make our account more secure than ever. Code Generator generates a 6 digit code in every minute. If Facebook encounter any issue of your account then it ask you to enter the code generated on your device to make sure you are the authorized person to use particular Facebook account.

These are the security tips for your Facebook Account. Abijita Foundation is highly concerned about the privacy and security of the users. If you have any issue regarding the Privacy and Security of Facebook or any social networks then feel free to write down in the comment box below.

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