Apple has finally joined the call recording game with the release of iOS 18.

This long-awaited feature has been a standard on Android for years, but Apple’s approach is different, emphasizing privacy strongly.

How It Works

In iOS 18, you can record incoming and outgoing calls directly within the Phone app. Once you answer or place a call, a “Record” button will appear. Tap it, and the recording begins. Here’s the key difference: all participants will be immediately notified that the call is being recorded. This ensures transparency and protects everyone’s privacy.

Transcription and Summaries

Apple doesn’t stop at recording. iOS 18 will also transcribe your calls in real time, and you can search for specific words or phrases within those transcripts. Even better, Apple’s new “Apple Intelligence” features can generate a summary of the call’s key points, so you can quickly review what was discussed.

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Privacy First

While call recording is convenient, it also raises privacy concerns. Apple has addressed these concerns head-on:

  • Notification: The mandatory notification ensures that all participants are aware the call is being recorded. No one will be caught off guard.
  • No Secret Recording: There’s no way to disable the notification, making secret recording impossible.
  • Legal Compliance: Apple’s approach aligns with various laws and regulations regarding call recording.


This new feature is expected to be available with the release of iOS 18 this fall. Call recording and transcription will likely be limited to newer iPhone models due to processing requirements.

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