Apple on Monday previewed its much-anticipated iOS 15 that comes with many new features and changes in FaceTime, notifications, Messages and more.

FaceTime will receive spatial audio and voice isolation features. Users can also share music and videos during calls during Facetime. They can also include Android users on FaceTime with a shareable link that opens the call in a browser, the company announced during its WWDC21 virtual event.

Notifications will show contact photos on text notifications and bigger app icons. iOS 15 will make it possible for others to see when you enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode via an automatic status update in Messages on your device

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Images shared in messages will appear in places like your photo gallery and memories. The tech giant also announced that AirPods will get major improvements with iOS 15, including “Conversation Boost” feature that will help people with hearing difficulties fear other people’s voices.

AirPods will also get the ability to read out other important notifications. Siri will now process audio on-device by default faster, without an internet connection.

Apple also announced an upcoming update to its Wallet app that will allow you to use your iPhone as digital identification at US airports.

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