Instagram has launched a new feature that will let you create customized “Add Yours” templates with GIFs, images, and text.

This feature will allow you to make your own meme-able Stories for followers to participate in. The feature has also started to roll out globally, reports TechCrunch.

To make an ‘Add Yours’ template, begin by uploading a Story and adding elements such as a GIF, custom text, or an image from the gallery. After that, click on the “Add Yours Templates” sticker and pick the elements that you want to pin.

Users who want to share your template won’t be able to change what you have selected, but they can add to it.

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With this feature, anyone can now customize an Add Yours prompt, allowing for greater creative expression and collaboration.

Meanwhile, Instagram has launched a new AI media editing tool called “Backdrop” that will let you edit an image background of your choice through prompts for Stories.

The company initially launched the feature for users in the US.

“Our AI media editing tool backdrop is available on Instagram in the US! With backdrop, you can reimagine your image’s background with just a few taps and a prompt like ‘chased by dinosaurs’ or ‘surrounded by puppies’ to create an entirely new image for your Story,” Meta’s lead for generative AI, Ahmad Al-Dahle posted on Threads.

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