Elon Musk on Friday said that there are too many corrupt and fake legacy Blue “verification” checkmarks on Twitter and he is going to remove all of them in the coming months.

The new Twitter CEO also said that going forward, accounts engaged in parody must include “parody” in their name, not just in their bio.

“To be more precise accounts doing parody impersonations. Basically, tricking people is not ok,” he tweeted.

“Far too many corrupt legacy Blue ‘verification’ check marks exist, so no choice but to remove legacy Blue in coming months,” Musk posted to his more than 115 million followers.

Musk also said that he loves it “when people complain about Twitter on Twitter”.

Twitter has rolled out the new verified Blue subscription service for $8 on iOS in a few countries and will soon add “granularities” to verified badges.

After abruptly killing the gray ‘Official’ badge for government accounts, Musk said that the company will now add organizational affiliation and ID verification to verified accounts with Blue badges.

Musk also said that Twitter will soon purge accounts that haven’t been active for months.

He has confirmed that the new Twitter Blue subscription service for $8 will be available in India in less than a month.

“Usage of Twitter continues to rise. One thing is for sure: it isn’t boring,” he posted.

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