Suppose you are using a public computer to login into your WordPress admin panel and you have forgotten to log out. This is a nightmare isn’t it? Intruders can delete your posts, change your theme, remove your plugins, in-short, they can destroy your site completely. But don’t worry there is Remote log out feature is available in WordPress. And this is really simple. You don’t need to install any Plugins. Lets dig in..

Previously, you have to edit wp-config file to sign out form active sessions. But now, WordPress natively supports logging out of other WordPress sessions remotely, which is a good WordPress security feature in and of itself.

Now, to sign out of all other active WordPress sessions, all you have to do is to click a single button. To do that, login into your WordPress admin area, navigate to “Users” and then select the option “Your Profile.”


The above action will take you to your WordPress profile page. Here scroll down to the passwords section and you will find a button promptly named “Log Out of All Other Sessions.” Now, if you are only logged into one session, i.e. the session you are in right now, then the button will be greyed out as there are no other session to log out from.


But if you have other logged in sessions, the button “Log Out of All Other Sessions” will be active and just click on it to log out of all other sessions except the current session you are in.


As soon as you click the button, WordPress displays a nice confirmation message letting you know that all the other WordPress sessions are logged out.


That’s all there is to do and it is that simple to log out of other active WordPress sessions remotely.

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