Google has announced a new feature that will help to protect users from unwanted Bluetooth tracking. This feature, called “Unknown Tracker Alerts,” will notify users when their phone detects an unknown Bluetooth device that has been following them for a period of time.

The Unknown Tracker Alerts feature will work by using Google’s Bluetooth scanning technology to identify unknown Bluetooth devices that are nearby. If a device is detected that has been following the user for a period of time, the user will receive an alert on their phone. The alert will include information about the device, such as its name, MAC address, and signal strength.

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Users will have the option to block the device from tracking them. They can also choose to learn more about the device by visiting a website that provides information about Bluetooth tracking.

The Unknown Tracker Alerts feature is a welcome addition to Google’s privacy protections. It will help to give users more control over their privacy and make it more difficult for people to track them without their knowledge or consent.

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