Google is reportedly planning to bring full support for variable refresh rate (VRR) displays to Chrome OS.

As spotted by About Chromebooks, support for variable refresh rate displays is rolling out to the Chrome OS 101 Dev Channel. The variable refresh rate allows the monitor refresh rate to synchronize with the game frame rate to avoid lag. This update to Chrome OS will bring a better experience to the game.

Google recently announced an early access program called Chrome OS Flex that will bring its operating system to existing Windows and Macs.

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The new version of Chrome OS, is designed for businesses and schools and can be installed within minutes.

Devices running Chrome OS Flex will also have the ability to be managed with the same setup and licensing as enterprise and education Chromebooks without any differences in the process.

Chrome OS Flex is basically an upgraded version of CloudReady, which has the same functionality. CloudReady was developed by NeverWare, which Google acquired in 2020. The company’s free CloudReady installer can make it easy to transform an old Windows PC into a Chrome device.

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