Google will soon open up early access to the artificial intelligence (AI) notebook ‘Project Tailwind’.

The tech giant first previewed ‘Project Tailwind’ last month as an “AI-first notebook,” reports 9To5Google.

Tailwind is a demo of the PaLM application programming interface (API) which can help “anyone synthesizing information from many different sources” that they specifically choose.

Users have been able to sign up for the Project Tailwind waitlist through Google Labs since the beginning of the last month.

In the latest update on the landing page, the company mentioned that it will be “opening up early access to our waitlisted users soon,” and also said, “Keep an eye out for updates, including a new name!”

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Meanwhile, earlier this week, the tech giant introduced new improvements in the AI chatbot ‘Bard’, including better logic and reasoning skills.

Bard now uses a new technique called “implicit code execution” to recognize computational prompts and run code in the background.

As a result, it can respond to string manipulation, coding questions, and mathematical operations more correctly.

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