With the introduction of emoji reactions to Docs on the web, Google has announced that it will now allow users to add emoji reactions to comments within Docs.

This new feature will let users leave emojis on Google Docs comments by tapping a new button in the bottom-right corner of the window to get a full pick, according to the company.

It will also offer users a more expressive way to engage with comments and collaborate in real time.

With this addition, users will be able to express their opinions about document content in a quick and creative manner, further streamlining the collaboration process.

The company will be rolling out this new feature over the coming weeks on the web.

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Moreover, the company is adding YouTube Smart Canvas chip functionality to Google Sheets to help users more easily manage YouTube content.

“This feature allows you to add YouTube data, such as the title, description, and video preview, directly into your spreadsheet cell. Simply copy and paste a YouTube link into the cell, hover over it, and click the ‘Chip’ option included in the ‘Replace URL’ hovercard,” Google said in a blogpost.

The tech giant has also introduced a new drag-and-drop feature in Google Slides to replace images quicker.

Earlier, to replace an image in Slides, users could either use the menu toolbar or right-click on the image they wanted to replace and select ‘Replace image’.

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Starting this week, users will have the additional option to easily drag and drop images from anywhere to replace images in their Slides presentations.