Tech giant Google has announced that it is updating its password manager to make the experience easier to use, with even stronger protections built-in.

The new update allows users to add a shortcut to Google Password Manager to their Android home screen.

“With this release, we are rolling out a simplified and unified management experience that is the same in Chrome and Android settings,” Ali Sarraf, Product Manager, Chrome, said in a blogpost.

“If you have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, we will automatically group them. And for your convenience, you can create a shortcut on your Android home screen to access your passwords with a single tap,” Sarraf added.

The company said that Google Password Manager can create unique, strong passwords for users across platforms, and helps ensure their passwords are not compromised as they browse the web.

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“We are constantly working to expand this capability, which is why we are giving you the ability to generate passwords for your iOS apps when you set Chrome as your autofill provider,” Sarraf said.

Users can now create strong passwords on their computer or mobile, on any operating system. Chrome can automatically check their passwords when you enter them into a site, but users can have an added layer of confidence by checking them in bulk with Password Checkup.

The company said it will now flag not only compromised credentials but also weak and re-used passwords on Android.

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If Google warns users about a password, they can now fix them without hassle with the company’s automated password change feature on Android.

To help protect even more people, the company is also expanding its compromised password warnings to all Chrome users on Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux.