Google is rolling out a new feature to its video-communication service ‘Google Meet’ which will allow users to share access to the content they are presenting in a meeting with attendees, including everyone on the Calendar guest list.

While making the presentation, the users can share the file from the floating action menu or via the suggestion in the Meet Chat, the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blog post.

The new feature is helpful because by allowing sharing directly from Meet, users can easily share presented content without having to switch to another window to grant access.

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“This makes it easier for meeting attendees to follow along with your presentation, find and reference your material later on, and continue working on action items from the meeting,” Google said.

Moreover, the company also announced that whenever users paste a link into the meeting chat, they will be “prompted with the file access dialogue.”

From there, users can adjust access as needed and choose to attach the file to the calendar event.

Earlier this month, the tech giant announced that it is adding a new feature that will allow users to view their speaker notes within Google Meet while presenting Google Slides.

Users just have to click the new speaker notes button in the Slides controls bar in Meet to display their speaker notes within the call.

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