Google Fit app has crossed 100 million installs on Android.

The app was originally launched in 2014 as a simple way to track steps, heart rate and workouts, reports 9To5Google.

In 2018, the app received a complete overhaul that allowed it to collect more data.

According to Android Police, Google Fit is celebrating the 100 million downloads milestone on the Play Store just about two years after reaching 50 million.

The tech giant has added quite some impressive features over the years.

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Along with the basics like tracking workouts, steps and heart rate via wearables, the company recently introduced an option to measure heart rate and respiratory rate using nothing but your Pixel phone’s camera.

In June, Google launched a new feature called Paced Walking that will help users to meet their best walk goals for utmost health benefits with an audio beat for them to fall in step with.

Available on Google Fit, the Paced Walking feature will help users find preferred walking speed — a pace that feels natural — and picking up that pace has health benefits similar to riding a bicycle.