Google Fi is reportedly giving free YouTube Premium to Unlimited Plus plan subscribers for a year.

Both new and current Google Fi premium plan subscribers won’t be required to pay YouTube’s $119.99 yearly subscription charge, Patrick Seybold, Google’s global PR lead for Stadia, AR, and Project Starline, told The Verge.

“Wireless consumers are increasingly opting for unlimited plans to fuel growing appetites for media, games, and other high-bandwidth applications on the go.

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“Now, we’re offering a simple, single subscription to Fi that provides connectivity, cloud storage, and entertainment for the entire family,” he added.

Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus is the most expensive plan, which starts from $65 per month for one person and $40 per month for families of up to four to six people.

Last year, the company announced that Fi subscribers can get $5 off on their monthly plan when they buy the then-brand-new Pixel Pass subscription, the report said.

In April this year, the company dropped the prices of its Fi unlimited phone plans to $20 per month per line for four or more lines, compared to the previous price which was $30 per month.

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