Google’s Account switcher is getting a Material You redesign on the web.

The redesign features rounded corners for all elements with two main containers, reports 9To5Google.

The one in the foreground has a larger profile avatar along with the user’s name and email address, next to it followed by a ‘Manage your Google Account’ button that is placed in a rounded rectangle rather than the usual pill.

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The next item displays is ‘Add another account’ for users having multiple accounts, which finalizes the inner container.

Moreover, the ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘Terms of Service’ are displayed in the background along with “Sign out” or “Sign out of all accounts.”

There are light (white/light grey) and dark (black/dark grey) themes, the report said.

Meanwhile, late last month, it was reported that the tech giant had rolled out a new Material You design for its Nearby Share app on Android phones and tablets.

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