Apple is likely to redesign the Apple Watch Series 7 with a flat-edged design similar to its other recent hardware updates, plus release a new color, (via 9to5mac)

According to 9to5mac, the rumor comes from leaker Jon Prosser, who cryptically revealed the information in an episode of his Genius Bar podcast with Sam Kohl (via AppleTrack). Prosser seemingly has more information and perhaps renders of the redesign coming soon, but for now he teased that the Apple Watch Series 7 will feature a redesign that is similar to other Apple hardware updates.

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The report describes the Apple Watch version of this design as being “more subtle” than what we’ve seen on other products.

The Genius Bar podcast also indicated that the Apple Watch Series 7 will come in a new green colour option for the first time, similar to the green that Apple uses on the AirPods Max.

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