A US man with type 1 diabetes has credited his Apple Watch for saving his life after the device called emergency services when he fell unconscious.

Josh Furman, 40, stated when his blood sugar drops, his insulin pump usually alerts him by sounding an alarm. However, earlier this year, his blood sugar became so low that he lost consciousness while at home alone and hit his head on the floor, reports KSNV.

“I don’t know how long I was out for, but when I woke up, the Apple Watch had basically called 911, the paramedics. But I could not talk. I sounded like I had a mouth full of marbles. 911 could not understand me, but they had the GPS from the watch, so they knew where I was,” Furman was quoted as saying.

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In addition, he explained that he had his emergency contacts set up in his device, which enabled him to make contact with his mother, who informed the 911 operator of the medical condition of her son.

“I don’t think people know enough about their Apple Watch to realise what it can actually do with the fall detection (feature). People that are elderly probably don’t know about the fall detection (feature). You actually have to turn it on on your iPhone,” Furman said.

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