The Crash Detection feature of the Apple Watch Series 8 has helped rescue the lives of three people in a serious car crash that fell down a 20-meter-deep embankment in Germany.

According to the initial investigations, the car was driving on the Bundesautobahn 20 (a road in Germany) when it “left the lane to the right, drove through a green strip, and was catapulted over the crash barrier, reports 9to5 Mac.

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The three passengers were “partially trapped in the vehicle wreckage in the accident”, and there were no witnesses to the accident, nor could it be seen from the highway above, according to the report.

The Apple Watch Series 8 automatically shared the exact location of the accident with first responders, allowing police and fire rescue workers, as well as a full rescue service, to arrive at the scene.

Moreover, the report stated that the driver suffered minor injuries while the two passengers “suffered serious injuries.” All three were taken to nearby hospitals.

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