Apple iPhone supplier Foxconn has lifted Covid-19 restrictions at its primary iPhone factory in China, which will allow employees to move around again freely.

According to Bloomberg, it means that the company’s “point-to-point” system will be eliminated, which prohibits workers from going between their dorms and the factory campus, reports AppleInsider.

Additionally, Foxconn has reopened its on-site cafeterias and has stopped offering free meals.

From December 16 to December 31, the company will pay regular workers 15 yuan per day but meal expenses will be deducted from their pay.

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However, Foxconn will continue to provide Covid patients who choose to stay in accommodations provided by the company with free meals, the report said.

“Foxconn will now need to address the potential increase in sickened staff and a possible shortage of workers,” said Will Wong, senior research manager, International Data Corporation.

“More initiatives will need to be taken to appease staff, other than financial compensation,” Wong added.

Meanwhile, last month, it was reported that Foxconn required 1,00,000 new workers to get back to full capacity, but due to a shortage of quarantine space, it had frozen the hiring.

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