Amazon on Tuesday announced that Amazon Glow is now available for all customers in the US and it will come with a library of Amazon Kids+ games, visual arts activities, books, and other features.

The Glow experience combines elements of a game system, a children’s library and an arts-and-crafts center with video chat and interactive projected space. The result creates a new way for kids and remote loved ones to have fun enjoying the same content at the same time.

“We know a majority of parents say it is challenging for their kids to stay engaged on traditional video calls, and, let’s be honest, stay in one place,” Joerg Tewes, General Manager, Amazon Glow, said in a statement.

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“Glow is like a giant virtual recreation room bursting with fun, creating a magical experience that captivates kids and delights the entire family. Customers have told us that ‘Glow Time’ happens all the time in their homes as kids embrace the new direct access they have for fun with distant family members,” Tewes added.

During video calls on Glow, kids connect with pre-approved loved ones that parents invite to the experience and see them on a built-in 8-inch HD touchscreen display. In turn, Glow’s front-facing camera ensures those using the free Glow app on a mobile device can see and interact with the little ones in their lives.

Using Glow’s large, 19.2-inch projected touchscreen, kids play games, read stories, create art, scan physical objects and learn together simultaneously with remote loved ones.

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