Tesla Korea, Hyundai Motor, and four other carmakers will recall over 72,000 vehicles due to faulty components, the transportation ministry said on Thursday.

The six companies, including Ford Sales & Service Korea, Nissan Korea, Kia Corp., and Honda Korea, are voluntarily recalling a total of 72,674 units of 13 different models, according to the ministry.

The problems that prompted the recall include a software error in the autopilot system of some 63,991 Tesla units, including the Model Y, reports Yonhap news agency.

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Some 1,990 units of the company’s Model X were found to have issues with the door lock mechanism in cases of collisions.

Some 2,400 units of Hyundai models, including the G80, were found to have faulty components in the drive shaft of the rear wheel, which could prompt toe vehicles to stop while driving.

The ministry said 2,156 units of Ford’s Mustang models failed to properly issue warnings in cases of brake oil depletion. Around 1,100 units of Nissan models, including the Altima 2.0, were discovered with issues with the rearview camera unit.

Also, 922 Kia Seltos compact sport utility vehicles were subject to recall due to faulty parts in its airbag system, while 49 Honda Odyssey minivan units were discovered with faulty engine parts.

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