YouTube has removed a video that showed a parent experimenting with Tesla’s full self-driving (FSD) capabilities against his own kids walking across or standing on the road.

The video showed Tesla owner and investor, Tad Park, testing FSD features with his kids.

During the video, Park drives a Tesla Model 3 toward one of his children standing in the road and then tries again with his other kid crossing the street.

The vehicle stopped before reaching the children both times, reports The Verge.

The video was originally posted on Whole Mars Catalog’s YouTube channel. As of August 18, the video had over 60,000 views on YouTube.

The video was also posted to Twitter and still remains available to watch.

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YouTube said that it has specific rules against content that “endangers the emotional and physical well-being of minors, like dangerous stunts, dares, or pranks.”

The video violated YouTube’s guidelines against content that endangers minors.

In response to the video, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a statement, saying “no one should risk their life, or the life of anyone else, to test the performance of vehicle technology”.

A road test this month alleged that Tesla’s FSD technology allegedly failed to detect a child-sized mannequin in the middle of the road.

This prompted some overzealous Elon Musk fans to ask parents to allow their kids for a test to dismiss such claims.

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