YouTube has quietly rolled out a new ‘Stable Volume’ feature to some users.

The feature was spotted by a few users, including a Redditor and YouTuber M. Brandon Lee, reports Android Authority.

The feature will appear under the Ambient mode option on the video settings page.

The new mode is expected to control and even out volume across different videos.

“This could help YouTube users avoid a sudden and sharp volume jump or a random decline in volume levels while watching videos from different creators and channels,” the report said.

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It is unclear whether the feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize and optimize volume levels across videos.

The feature hasn’t been rolled out to all YouTube users yet.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, the video-sharing platform announced that it was testing a new lock screen feature, which allows users to disable touch input while watching a video.

This feature helps users to prevent accidental taps that pause, skip or disrupt videos.

Also, the company was testing AI-generated quizzes on the mobile app Home Feed to help users learn about topics they’re interested in

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