YouTube has introduced a new ‘Samples’ tab for the music streaming service ‘YouTube Music’, which will help users to find new music.

This new personalized music discovery feature is currently rolling out to YouTube Music users globally, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

“Powered by the world’s largest catalog of music videos, this personalized feed will explore the depths and breadth of the YouTube Music library so that there’s always something new to listen to.”

Each immersive clip provides users with a glimpse into the artist, the video, and the feel of the song. Users can simply swipe vertically to experience a new song, making music discovery fun and effortless.

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With the new tab, the company aims to make it as easy as possible for users to dive deeper into the songs and artists they discover and love all without leaving the music streaming service.

With each sample, users can quickly add the song to their collection, share it with friends, create their next favorite playlist, start a new radio station, watch the full video, visit the album page, or even use the song to create their own Short.

“We hope to inspire you to build a lifelong relationship with an artist you’ve never heard before!” the company said.

For artists, the new Samples tab provides another way to find a new audience and build a community on the platform.

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