Google-owned music streaming platform YouTube Music has started testing a new feature, Dynamic queue, that will help get queue and radio updates based on users listening behavior.

As per initial reports, YouTube Music will change the playback queue if users skip to a new track while still halfway through the current song. It is unclear if this feature is enabled by default, reports 9To5Google.

These live updates are an alternative to a user becoming dissatisfied with a current radio and selecting an entirely different song to generate another queue, the report said.

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It remains to be seen how good this is in practice, with one initial report saying that YouTube Music opts for previously liked/played songs when updating it added.

The tech giant was also spotted testing filters in the Up Next queue for more manual refinements.

Last month, YouTube Music’s web app added a new feature that allows users to manage songs in bulk more easily, particularly when adding them to specific playlists.

The music streamer’s web interface now offers the option to select multiple songs in list views. The new functionality makes it easier to pick multiple items that users want to include in a playlist.

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