Jack Dorsey-backed social messaging platform Bluesky on Wednesday announced it is rolling out a new in-app video and music player for links, along with a new “hide post” feature.

In its new update, the company has introduced an in-app video and music player for links and YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch embeds now play in the app.

“This will only trigger after a tap. No autoplay,” said Bluesky.

The users can also hide posts if there’s something they don’t want to see again.

“It will be removed from your feeds and put behind a mask if you visit it directly. This feature is in beta; hidden posts are not yet synced between your devices,” the company informed.

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The new update also fixed a bug causing muted and blocked account listings to show as empty, fixed an issue that would cause an empty home screen and took care of a crash bug that would sometimes occur while interacting with threads.

Last week, Bluesky allowed people to look at posts on its platform without logging in.

The users, however, will need an invite to create an account and start posting and can read posts via a link. The users can share the posts in individual or group chats.

Earlier this month, Bluesky launched “more advanced automated tooling” designed to flag content that violates its community guidelines.

The social media network Bluesky has reached 2 million users despite remaining an invite-only app.

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