X (formerly Twitter) rival Bluesky has announced that the platform gained over one million users.

“We’re grateful to the early users and developers who have helped us reach this point. Thank you for joining us early on this journey and helping test all aspects of the network before the open public launch. We’re excited for many more people to join soon,” Bluesky said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Rose Wang, who works on strategy and operations for Bluesky, also shared a screenshot of the moment on X on reaching over a million users.

“1M users!!!,” Wang said.

Moreover, the company said that its current focus is on preparing to open up and getting the network to a state that can support many more users.

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“This means improving moderation and curation on the network through increased staffing and tooling, scaling our infrastructure and federating the network to support this growth, and iterating on the user experience of the app,” Bluesky said.

In January, Bleusky released a beta app and invited a handful of people to test out the app, and by February, they only had a few hundred people.

In August, Bluesky announced that it would impose “rate limits” to enhance its network stability and security, but assured users their posting experience would not be impacted.

This decision comes after Bluesky saw an increase in traffic after Musk announced that X would discontinue the “block” function, prompting users to look for alternatives, reports TechCrunch.

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