VirusTotal announced the launch of a new artificial intelligence-based code analysis feature named Code Insight.

The new feature is powered by the Google Cloud Security AI Workbench introduced at the RSA Conference 2023 and which uses the Sec-PaLM large language model (LLM) specifically fine-tuned for security use cases.

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“At present, this new functionality is deployed to analyze a subset of PowerShell files uploaded to VirusTotal. The system excludes files that are highly similar to those previously processed, as well as files that are excessively large,” VirusTotal founder Bernardo Quintero said.

“This approach allows for the efficient use of analysis resources, ensuring that only the most relevant files (such as PS1 files) are subjected to scrutiny.”

Code Insight will also help get insight into false positives and negatives, as its analysis is entirely independent of associated metadata (like antivirus results) since only the file’s content is being examined.

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