Twitter has made an unnecessary change that makes it difficult to see chronological feed by default, leaving millions of users frustrated.

According to the company, the Home timeline will be pinned first by default, but you can quickly access the Latest timeline by swiping left on Home.

The feature is available first on iOS, and coming soon to Android and the web.

The change has angered several Twitter users.

“Tell us why that’s the default and not the latest. Forcing your algorithms and unwanted exposure is how you turn people off. The answer isn’t ‘just swipe’, it should be ‘don’t force’,” tweeted one user.

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Another frustrated user posted: “The most recent ‘latest tweets’ is 6 hrs ago for me, and ‘home’ 1 min ago? How does any of this make any sense?”

Twitter said it will welcome feedback from its users. The micro-blogging platform first started testing this feature in October last year.

A user replied: “You know what would be quicker? Leaving it how it is or letting users choose. You’re adding an extra swipe that is unnecessary – it’s not even just fixing a problem that didn’t exist.”

Twitter first began rolling out its algorithmic timeline in 2016 and introduced the sparkle icon to let users toggle between the algorithmic and reverse chronological feeds in 2018.

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