The micro blogging site Twitter said on Saturday it had “inadvertently” limited engagements for a brief period on U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets with “disputed” labels but later reversed its action.

Some users on the social media platform had noticed earlier on Saturday that the ability to like, re-tweet or reply to Trump’s tweets with a “disputed” label was not working.

“We inadvertently took action to limit engagements on the labeled Tweet you referenced. This action has been reversed”, a Twitter spokesman told Reuters in an emailed statement.

Twitter began applying “disputed” and other warning labels to tweets containing election misinformation ahead of the November 3rd US presidential election, and restricting engagement with those tweets.

It announced that Tweets with premature claims of victory would be labeled, tweets intended to incite interference in the election or election results could be removed, and tweets from political figures with more than 100,000 followers — which includes President Trump — which receive a “misleading” label will be more difficult to access.

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