Twitter said it has started placing labels on tweets that have been flagged for violating its rules, to reduce their visibility on the platform.

The micro-blogging platform said last week that it will apply labels to malicious tweets violating its policies.

“Censorship. Shadowbanning. Freedom of speech, not reach. Our new labels are now live,” said Twitter.

The platform had earlier said that it was adding more transparency to the enforcement actions it takes on Tweets.

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“As a first step, soon you’ll start to see labels on some Tweets identified as potentially violating our rules around Hateful Conduct letting you know that we’ve limited their visibility,” it said last week.

These actions will be taken at a tweet level only and will not affect a user’s account.

Restricting the reach of Tweets helps reduce binary “leave up versus take down” content moderation decisions and supports our freedom of speech vs freedom of reach approach, said the company.

The company said it may get it wrong occasionally, so authors will be able to submit feedback on the label if they think we incorrectly limited their content’s visibility.

“In the future, we plan to allow authors to appeal our decision to limit a Tweet’s visibility,” said the company.

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