Threads has seen a staggering 70% decline in daily active users since its peak on July 7.

This leaves the app with only 13 million active users, according to data from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

The decline in user engagement is likely due to a number of factors, including the lack of unique features that set Threads apart from other social media platforms. Additionally, Threads has been criticized for its cluttered user interface and lack of privacy controls.

Despite the decline in user engagement, Meta has not given up on Threads. The company has said that it is committed to improving the app and making it more appealing to users. However, it remains to be seen whether Threads can recover from its current slump.

Threads’ lack of unique features, cluttered user interface, and limited privacy controls may have contributed to the decline in user engagement on the app. Threads does not offer any features that are significantly different from those found on other social media platforms, making it difficult for the app to stand out from the competition.

The app’s user interface is also cluttered and difficult to navigate, which can make it frustrating for users to find the content they are looking for. Additionally, Threads does not offer users much control over their privacy settings, which has led to concerns about the app’s data collection practices. These factors may have contributed to users leaving the app.

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It is still too early to say whether Threads will be able to recover from its current slump. However, Meta has said that it is committed to improving the app and making it more appealing to users. If Meta is able to address the concerns that users have about the app, then there is a chance that Threads could eventually become a successful social media platform.