Tesla has started a new email campaign to urge Tesla owners who have the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package to upgrade to a new car and transfer the FSD package.

The transfer terms and the email campaign reveal that what Musk called an “offer of amnesty” is nothing more than Tesla triggering a demand surge, according to Electrek.

Last week, when he announced Tesla’s decision to permit the transfer of an FSD package to a new vehicle, it sparked speculation that the company was finally taking a step in the right direction regarding this matter.

But it quickly started to sound more like a demand trigger, the report said.

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The tech billionaire soon followed up his remark by emphasizing that this is a “one-time” deal that will expire at the end of the quarter.

“This is a one-time amnesty, so it needs to be – you need to take advantage of it in Q3, but – or at least place the order in Q3 within – within reasonable delivery time frames. So, yeah, yeah, yeah, hope this makes people happy. But want to – I mean, this is a one-time thing, OK?,” Musk was quoted as saying.

Tesla has now begun an email campaign to FSD package owners to promote the FSD transfer opportunity.

As specified in the email and the terms, buyers must take delivery of a new vehicle by September 30 which is the end of the quarter.

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Many Tesla owners have asked for the possibility to transfer their FSD package to a new car or receive a refund because they were informed when they purchased the package that it would eventually result in them owning a completely self-driving vehicle that would appreciate in value, the report mentioned.