The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow is just around the corner! You might be tempted to try streaming through some sketchy site, but anyone who’s ever tried it before will tell you that those kind of streams are notoriously unreliable. The amount of viewers this event attracts are enough to make almost any streaming site buffer.

Luckily there is a solution! If you prepare in advance and signup for a VPN, you should have no problem accessing 2018 FIFA World Cup streams for free. By connecting to international TV broadcasters’ official web sites using a VPN, you’ll be granted access to reliable streams normally reserved for those within a specific country.

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Using a VPN, you can make yourself appear to be located anywhere in the world. With the click of a button, you can automatically reroute your internet traffic through your country of choice. Most VPN providers offer exit servers in at least a dozen countries. For the small cost of VPN service, you can access geo blocked content from anywhere!

And it doesn’t end with the football… Most TV stations around the world broadcast their shows online for free, except they lock them so that they’re only accessible to locals. Expats can watch TV from back home, and your parents can watch TV from the Old Country – wherever that may be.

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