Solidigm, a leading provider of innovative memory and storage solutions, announced the D5-P5336, the world’s highest-capacity PCIe SSD. Available in capacities from 7.68TB to 61.44TB, the D5-P5336 is designed to meet the needs of data-intensive workloads, such as AI, machine learning, and 5G.

The D5-P5336 uses quad-level cell (QLC) technology, which allows it to store more data in the same amount of space as traditional TLC SSDs. This makes it ideal for storing massive datasets, such as those generated by AI and machine learning applications.

The D5-P5336 also offers high performance, with sequential read speeds of up to 6,600 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 5,500 MB/s. This makes it well-suited for applications that require fast access to data, such as real-time analytics and video streaming.

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“The D5-P5336 is a game-changer for data-intensive workloads,” said Greg Matson, VP of Strategic Planning and Marketing at Solidigm. “With its industry-leading capacity and performance, the D5-P5336 is the perfect solution for businesses that need to store and access massive amounts of data.”

The D5-P5336 is available now in E1.L form factor with up to 30.72TB. Availability in U.2 and E3.S form factors will be announced later this year.

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