Last November, Snapchat introduced a pop-up warning when a teen receives a message from someone they don’t already share mutual friends with or have in their contacts. This message informs teens of potential risks, encouraging them to carefully consider whether they want to be in contact and reminding them to only connect with people they trust. Since its launch, this feature has empowered millions of Snapchatters to take action, leading to more than 12 million blocks.

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Building on the success of this initiative, Snapchat is now expanding these in-app warnings to incorporate new and advanced signals. Teens will now see a warning message if they receive a chat from someone who has been blocked or reported by others, or if the message originates from a region where the teen’s network isn’t typically located—both signs that the person may be a scammer.

This enhancement is part of Snapchat’s ongoing commitment to providing a safer environment for its younger users, ensuring that they have the tools and information needed to navigate online interactions with greater caution and confidence.

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