Samsung on Thursday showcased its latest updates to software and services at an annual tech conference, which it said were aimed at improving overall user experience through technology innovations.

At the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2022 in San Francisco, the South Korean tech giant unveiled the upgraded, new user interface One UI 5 for its Galaxy products and a vision for a more connected home life, partly through an expanded partnership with Google.

Samsung said the One UI 5 platform comes with new features for more personalized experiences, such as the new security and privacy dashboard that enables users to customize personal privacy settings by scanning vulnerabilities and recommending security updates.

It also comes with custom-built Modes and Routines and a Dynamic Lock screen that displays multiple visuals on Galaxy devices, reports Yonhap news agency.

Samsung’s Bixby, the voice assistant platform, has improved to answer calls on users’ behalf or share typed messages with the caller, according to the company.

Samsung said it would continue its efforts to provide “calm technology” by seamlessly connecting electronic devices.

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Calm technology refers to a type of technology that requires minimal attention and work from users.

In early September, Samsung vowed to popularise its home automation platform, SmartThings, this year, in a bid to help provide a more connected and sustainable home life.

SmartThings is Samsung’s software to connect and control home appliances, with more than 230 million users worldwide.

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By the end of next year, Samsung plans to make all of its home appliances Wi-Fi enabled and allow home devices from 13 different brands that belong to the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) to be connected and controlled.

Samsung also said it has expanded partnership with Google to remove challenges facing homeowners who use multi, different smart home platforms.

The two tech companies will release a multi-admin feature in the coming weeks that makes it easier for users to connect devices on different ecosystems and control Matter-enabled devices through SmartThings or Google Home apps on Android.

‘Matter’ is an open standard for smart home technology that enables users to set up their devices with their favorite platforms and ecosystems without changing hardware or software, according to Google.